🌎 Major Updates


2022.08.31 Feature and Pricing Updates

1. We are announcing our new pricing plans and feature updates!

We have updated our pricing plans and the Support bot will become an independent feature from the Operation add-on. You can now choose to use the features you need at a more reasonable price. To learn more about the details, please click the link below
Learn more about updated pricing plans

2. Easier and faster! Explore all of’s features during the free trial

No credit card information is needed, and no need to select the plan type and add-ons, just click the [Start Free Trial] button to try all the features for 14 days!
Do you want to continue using after the free trial ends? You can use the [Reserve subscription] function to automatically subscribe after the trail!
The 14-day free trial is only available once per channel.

3. SMS points are provided so that you can communicate with customers smoothly will cover the cost of text messages required to send follow-up notifications or marketing messages to your customers :)
Talk to your customers more often! When you start the free trial and subscribe to a paid plan afterwards, you will receive $10 in SMS points for free every month.

Updated Features

1. Download up to 1 million customer contacts

Download data from Contacts and edit customer information!
The number of downloads per customer contact increased from 30,000 to 1 million
When downloading a contact, the file download link is shared in “My chat room”.
The validity period of the download link is 7 days.
When downloading customer contact information once, it is not allowed to download again within 30 minutes.
[Select All] option is now available in Contacts!
Bulk action for marketing subscription opt in/out and customer tag settings are available in Contacts.

2. [Integrated external messenger] filtering option added in the Inbox search field.

Now you can select and search the chats that came in through a specific external messenger such as Instagram Messenger, Line, Kakao Talk Talk, and Naver Talk Talk. Try using the [Integration] filter in your inbox search

3. User webhook

You can now update the customer information such as the customer's marketing subscription status and contact information through webhook events. Please check the details in the developer documentation below

4. Snoozed chat notifications

When the ‘Snoozed’ chat is changed to ‘Opened’ status after the set time has elapsed, we will notify you through a system message.
What are the changes?
Even if there is no assignee, everyone who has turned [Notify for Unassigned] on can receive a notification so that they do not miss it.
However, it does not appear at the top of the [Unread] list.

5. Mobile [Preview Private Message] will be temporarily unavailable

The [Preview Private Message] feature will disappear from the mobile app for a while. The settings for the PC and mobile app are linked, so when you change the setting on one side, the preview settings are updated on both sides. We will come back with more improvements in the future so that it can be set separately.

Please stay tuned for upcoming updates:

Email integration
Detailed access control

2021.9.27 Instagram DM Integration

Manage your Instagram DM in

Great news for those who use Instagram as a frequent communication tool!
Now you can check Instagram DMs and reply in
If you send a message through Instagram, you can check that message on
You can check a message that replied to Instagram Story.
When a customer sends a message, you can automatically see the customer's Information; Instagram ID, Name, Profile Image in (at this current version)
For further details on Instagram integration, please check the following guide. )

2021.9.19 live chat button is about to change

Brand-new customer live chat experience

Following the iOS 15 update, we made a massive improvement in the customer live chat experience The essence of is the end-user, i.e., the experience of the customers who initiate the conversation. Through this update, we enhanced the readability of our website and applied a new design to decrease the fatigue that the users may feel throughout their time with us. Let us now go over the design, which has been tailored to fit the iOS 15 web experience.)

Live chat button that mixes in and gets along with the website

First and foremost,'s button design has gone through dramatic changes.
Originally, the button's color was overly emphasized, interrupting the users' concentration on the website's contents. This was exceptionally visible in a mobile environment. By setting the button's background white and using lighter colors for the text bubble, we overcame the former shortcomings.
Application of various colors
Screen on desktop and mobile environment

Gathering users' attention through the Labeled button

There have been feedbacks that the low usage rate of live chat from the mobile environment worries our customers. To remind the customers of the fact that live chat exists, we added a label button. The tone of the labeled button is set to go along with any brand, and it is designed similarly to the mobile push messages experience.
Particularly for SMBs, a higher frequency of live chat leads to more sales opportunities, and even an increase in revenues, but there was feedback that the amount of live chat inquiries in a mobile environment is considerably low. Customers who accessed the website through mobile devices didn't recognize the presence of a live chat button. To make the presence of a live chat button in a mobile environment clearer, we added an explanation phrase and applied a stick-type design. Once clicked on, the live chat button turns into a smaller button, making the website contents more visible
Labeled button will be disappeared when a new message arrives.

A lounge that affects the brand's first impression

The lounge is the first place where users get to face the brand CS Channel. To enable the users to concentrate on live chat, there has been a renewal towards a more neutral and clean design. Let us go over a few big changes we made.
- There is a space spared for brand explanation and notifications. Leave a message for the customers! - Reflecting the feedback that customers wished to communicate only through, customers can now choose to hide notifications from other messengers, as needed.
Users can now turn all unread messages into reading messages at once. The convenience of the live chat users is also a critical factor to the brand image!

Live chat that induces users to start the conversation

The foundation of the design renewal in this update was our goal to provide a state-of-the-art live chat experience to the end-users.
Considering the change in website address position which came from the iOS 15 update, we optimized the live chat experience and went through a structural turnover. We are confident that puts the most devotion to the end users' live chat experience over anyone else, and that we take the quickest action to improve our user experience.
Let us go over the detailed changes in design this update made.
Originally, the lounge appeared in a new tab when the user clicked on the live chat button. Now, the lounge appears on the same screen, and a new tab opens only if the user clicks on 'new inquiries'. When the user clicks 'return' while using the live chat, the user can easily move back to the lounge.
The navigation bar's design and profile avatars have also gone through a design renewal, in a way that doesn't disturb the live chat experience.
Changes in the position of the marketing bubble in the mobile environment have been enabled.
The 'See Translation' and date indication, which used to appear with every message, are now arranged in a smarter way and now appear with each group of messages.
Brand description is indicated at the top of the live chat screen.
This function is not applicable to the customers who use mobile SDK yet. Please wait for the upcoming update
This was the introduction to our newly released front design. We will put our finest efforts to create a product that many users wish to speak to. will continuously work on various updates that include Dark mode, improvements in pop-up design, etc. that would lead to a state-of-the-art live chat experience for the end-users .