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From Team chat to customer service is your all-in-one manager. Experience the flow of your work and chat organization through personal messaging and conversation threads. Our teamchat solution is unlimited and free, no matter the number of members, files, or conversations you start , they are all free of charge. If you are aiming for a transparent and active communication culture, try using’s Team Chat.

Why should I use Team chat?

Your customers are only one message away from your entire team
With you can keep your team and customers in the same place. The ability to have one platform that combines these two features you can increase efficiency and make your company management easy!
Unlimited Members
You can have as many members on your channel as you want. Talk as much as you want with your team.
Flexible team management
Sick of making new chatrooms for new members? Tired of having to convert everything to new chats? With channels can be simply joined or left in just a click of a button. Chat history being accessible to all, and automatic deletion once the member leaves the channel.
Unlimited file sharing, no worries about file expiration
Team chat saves every message, file, and link. You can find the shared files in any chat at anytime with a simple click on the dashboard, all you need to do is search and filter to find the files you are looking for.
Side view, your multitasking tool
With our built-in side view, you can easily look at the progress of work, user chats, threads, and even multiple conversations right on your dashboard. No need to switch between multiple tabs.
Keep all your conversation specific contents in one spot with threads
Want to be notified on task specific conversations? Use threads. Use mentions or manually jump into a thread yourself! You can participate through actively talking or even just leaving a simple reaction.
Topic based discussions and private groups
Want a team based group? create a group chat within the channel. Create public groups organized by topic, members, or project. Is it on a need to know basis? Make the public group a private group. Just invite the members who need to know. Also, don’t forget, its unlimited.
Video Conferencing (coming soon)

So how does it work?

List of my chatrooms
a. User name: This is every user’s personal chatroom. You can send yourself files or anything.
b. Threads: Team members can @mention other members to notify and create a thread.
c. Bookmarks: Using bookmarks you can quickly find and check on chatrooms and direct messaging all in one place.
d. Chatroom list: Find and join all chatrooms in your company channel. If you want the information on a need-to-know basis, the simply make the chatroom private!
e. DM feature: Search and DM anyone on your team. Everyone on your team can create group messages or DM each other.
Messages Screen
This is the place where you can check currently active DM messages or threads.
Chatroom link, notification settings, settings, and participants list
a. Sharing your room link: Copy and share this link to your other teams members so they can join in on the conversation.
b. Chatroom notification settings: Any chatroom not important for you to actively participate? Busy on a project? Adjust the push notification settings for each chatroom.
All Activity: You will be notified whenever there is a new message in the chat.
Important only: You will only receive messages with the @all or @name tags
Nothing: This chatroom will never push a notification.
c. Participants list: Check the participants of each chatroom. From this list you can also invite other coworkers to participate.
Files and weblinks
You can find every shared linked and file for the history of the chatroom. Unlimited files and link storage time, even new participants can see the file history to get caught up on the work!
1 file per upload limit The maximum file size per upload is 1 GB and can take up to 5 minutes to upload.
Search Filters
Specifically search in chatrooms with filters such as member-sent messages, chats, date, and even the content of the message!
(→ For more information on chatroom search go to the “chatroom content search” page)

The basics + Inviting new members

[channel settings] → [teammates] → [members] → [+Invite new member]
When inviting new members to your channel you can set their status to either owner or member. Using the [invite link] there are a few other ways to invite new members to your channel:
1) Copy and paste the link
2) SMS invite link
3) Email invite link
The same link can be used by multiple people, and once your member has finally joined you can easily freeze the link so no one else can join. Take note: Invitation links have expiration dates(30 days), once the invite time elapses, you will have to resend a new link.
Owner and member positions
Owner: No limitations, channels can have multiple owners
Members: Have many priviledges but are unable to affect major functionalities. Operational, team chat, marketing, and customer service functions are mostly not restricted:
Team management
Channel owners can manage the status of other channel members. You can do this by going to:
[Channel settings] → [Teammates] → [Members] → [+Edit member role button]

Creating and managing groups

All members, no matter their user status, can create groups. You can search existing chat rooms or create new chatrooms by clicking the + button. You can even change whether the chatroom is public or private.
You can search for chatrooms or make one using the + button. Once you are inviting new members into your chatroom you can set the status to either “Public” or “Private”
Even if a public chat has been already created, you can change its privacy status at any time by clicking the [••• button] → [Edit chatroom information] and switch the privacy button from public to private or vice-versa.
Tip- Private Group Private groups can’t be seen on search, you can only see the ones that you are invited to.

Using threads

You can see the threads you follow in chronological order. The name of the chatroom where the thread is located is shown at the top, and you can see a chatlog of the thread, new comments, and new reactions towards the bottom of the thread.
You don’t even need to go into the chatroom to respond in the thread. Just comment right there on the thread board.
Send everyone a notification: If everyone in the chatroom needs to see the message asap, just tag their names in the message and send the message.
In the upper righthand corner of each thread you can set the alarm settings of each thread. Thread participants can check the thread and then leave once it is all over.
@all tags in thread will notify only the participants in the thread, and not the chatroom participants as a whole.
Tips - Reactions If only a simple response is needed, no problem! Just use reaction emoji on any message. Every message has a limit of 300 reactions maximum.

Side view

Side view allows to split you focus on work content. It allows you to go into threads and other content without having to click through multiple pages. All you need to do is click “side view” on the message.
When you have checked through all the content on side view you can move directly to the corresponding user chat or chatroom by pressing the back arrow.
You can even send messages directly through side view. Through the [•••]setting button you can change status, assign an operator to user chats, or even add follows to a chat.

My status and keeping my team in the loop

On your profile, you can change your current status and communicate to your team exactly what you are doing.
[Preference] → [Status Setting]
These statuses include “at-work’, ‘commuting’, ‘at the gym’, ‘on vacation’ or even ‘coffee break’!
You can create a status template up to 10.
You can change [Status Template] in your settings on PC.


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